What the hell is Trevor’s Happy Hour?

Trevor’s Happy Hour is a weekly radio show which broadcasts right from this site! It was formerly on KFNX 1100 Phoenix AZ  KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino. It airs on Friday nights from 6pm Pacific Time until whenever we quit. Trevor also turns on the mic at random times during the week and does spontaneous shows!

Who are the hosts?

The host is Trevor Garner

Trevor is a heavy drinker (to put it lightly), and has frequently been seen partying with strippers. Aside from single-handedly supporting the booze industry, Trevor’s other talents include being able to sell ads on zero-rated radio stations and possessing blunt honesty.

In fact, he is honest to a fault, even regarding his own personal baggage and embarrassing situations. If you’re around Trevor, it’s hard not to be entertained!

So what is the format of this show?

There is no format

It’s Trevor getting on the microphone and ranting, playing music, or making random phone calls. Or taking phone calls from weird and interesting people. Or doing interviews with anyone smart enough to come on the show. This show can range from the greatest radio ever to exist, to a complete waste of your time which you will desperately want back. There’s no way to know unless you tune in each week.

Can I call in during the show?

Yup. The phone number is (657) 444-5501